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Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum - Two strong partners - one competitive region

Today's 2nd Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum attracted more than 270 guests that had followed the invitation by the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce and the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce to Industriens Hus of the Confederation of Danish Industry.

After introductory speeches by Tine Roed, Deputy Director General of the Confederation of Danish Industry and Fritz Horst Melsheimer, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Jens-Peter Saul gave an overview on the similarities and growth potentials of the Metropolises and the Metropolitain regions of Hamburg and Copenhagen.

Afterwards Reiner Perau, CEO of the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce, following the good tradition from HCBF in Hamburg in May 2014, moderated a mayor's talk between Frank Jensen (Lord Mayor of Copenhagen) and Olaf Scholz (First Mayor of Hamburg) on the cooperation of both cities.

In the following panel debate headlined with "Building one strong region: How to boost business between the metropolitan regions" Michael Svane participated for the FBBC.

This panel was followed by parallel panel sessions on the topics of Energy, Life Science, Real Estate, Tourism and Logistics & IT.

The conference ended with a mayor's reception of Lord Mayor Jensen in the Copenhagen city hall for all participants, among which was a delegation of 50 business representatives from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

Fotos: German-Danish Chamber of Commerce

Press contacts and materials can be found via the following link: Press Corner - German Danish Chamber of Commerce

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