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Fehmarnbelt Days 2021 in Weissenhäuser Strand - May 31, 2021

FBBC partner of the Fehmarnbelt Days 2021 in Weissenhäuser Strand


This year, the Fehmarnbelt Days (FBD) will take place as a digital event, streaming live from Weissenhäuser Strand in Ostholstein (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany) on Monday, 31 May 2021.

The Fehmarnbelt Days is an established event for the regional development of the Fehmarnbelt region between northern Germany, Denmark and southern Sweden up to south-eastern Norway. This conference for all topics in the region is based on the crowdsourcing concept, both in terms of content and finances. As in Lübeck (2012), Copenhagen (2014), Hamburg (2016) and Malmö (2018), the fifth FBD 2021 offers the active interaction of politics, business, administration and science in light of a responsible regional development.

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