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01 October 2014 - FBBC Business Day 2014

We would like to use the opportunity of this year's FBBC Business Day held in the context of the Fehmarnbelt Days 2014

on Wednesday, 1st October 2014,
13.00 till 17.00 h, Tivoli Congress Center,
Arni Magnussons Gade 2, 1577 Copenhagen,

to introduce some of the companies and projects that are actively involved within the market chances that a cross border cooperation leads to.

High-level businesses will speak about their experiences and activities concerning cross-border cooperation as well as strategic decisions taken in regard to the future Fehmarnbelt Fixed link and the aspects that make the region between Hamburg/Lübeck and Copenhagen/Malmö such a unique business region.

Ahead of the FBBC Business Day you have the possibility to join an excursion to the Øresundsbron and participate in a common networking lunch with participants of the entire Fehmarnbelt Days 2014.


FBBC Business Day

Øresund Bus Excursion

09.45 Departure from Tivoli Congress Center

10.00 Departure from Dansk Industri, Industriens Hus
The technical project of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link Claus Iversen, Femern A/S

10.50 Arrival at Luftkastellet, Malmö
The commercial success of Øresundsbron for the Øresundregion Bengt Hergart, Øresund Bridge

11.35 Departure from Luftkastellet, Malmö
The environment on the Island Peberholm Hans Orth

11.55 Short walk around Peberholm Island
Hans Orth

12.25 Departure from Peberholm

12.45 Arrival at Tivoli Congress Center

12:45 Networking Lunch in the Networking Area in the Foyer of Tivoli Congress Center


FBBC Business Conference "Knowing Fehmarnbelt"

13.30 Welcome
Nicolaus Lange, FBBC Chairman

13.45 Fixed links and their impact on interregional business
Jesper Bremholm, Vice President Production & Logistics
PostNord Danmark

14.15 The universities’ role in supporting the regional knowledge economy
Henrik Wegener, Executive Vice President and Chief Academic Officer
Technical University of Denmark

14.40 Cross-border education and apprenticeship exchange
Alexandra von Oven-Batsch, Hotel Manager
Maibritt Errebo Sørensen, Trainee Chef
Seehuus GmbH

15.00 Coffee break and networking

15.30 Border-crossing business cooperation - an example
Jens-Henrik Stillhoff Nicolaisen, Executive Board Member
Züblin A/S

16.00 Business opportunities resulting from the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link
- Results from a survey among business representatives in the Fehmarnbelt Region
Ajs Dam, Director, Corporate Communications & Regional Development,
Femern AS

16.30 The business region in a global perspective - Opportunties of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link from a Swedish angle
Tørk Eskild Furhauge, CEO
Pågen AB

16.50 Wrap up and closure
Michael Svane, FBBC Vice Chairman

17.00 End of FBBC Business Day


More information and the possibility to register for the “FBBC Business Day” can be found at

A detailed conference program will be distributed at a later stage. The business conference fee is 80,-€.


Agenda for FBBC Business Day 2014 available now

2014 10 01 FBBC Business Day Agenda_ENG_final.pdf (155.6 KiB)




Location: Kopenhagen

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