Mission of the FBBC

Our mission

The aim of the FBBC is to create a sustainable and connected business region. We are working to strengthen economic cooperation in the Fehmarnbelt region and removing obstacles to cross-border traffic.

When the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel will open in 2029, people and goods should be able to move seamlessly across borders. Only then will all the potential of the fixed link be able to unfold its full effect, and opportunities will arise for businesses, science, employees, students, for tourism and other economic sectors. The Fehmarnbelt region will grow together into a region where 10 million people will live and work.

FBBC vision of the region

Our mission is to create a mental bridge over the Fehmarnbelt. We are a networker, coordinator and contact for and in the region.

We are committed to:

  • A sustainable and connected business region.
  • A fully developed road and rail infrastructure along the TEN-T corridor in the Fehmarnbelt region.
  • A seamless cross-border long-distance and local transport system.
  • Attracting skilled workers and companies to the Fehmarnbelt region.
  • Cross-border working, studying, living, and travelling.
  • Promoting the opportunities of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link for the entire region from Malmö/ Copenhagen via Lübeck/ Schwerin to Hamburg.