Mission of the FBBC

Our mission

The goal of the FBBC is to strengthen the economic cooperation within the Fehmarnbelt region. It is only with the early involvement of the business community that the Fehmarnbelt fixed link becomes a success from the very first day of opening. No later than at the opening of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel, there should no longer be any obstacles to cross-border cooperation and the movement of goods and people.

Our mission is to create a mental bridge over the Fehmarnbelt. We are the networker and coordinator.

Apart from being the contact point for business associations and businesses on the Hamburg–Lübeck–Copenhagen–Malmö axis, the FBBC aims to:

  • Promote regional business opportunities through integration into construction activities and beyond.
  • Win a qualified workforce for the region.
  • Promote the chances the fixed link brings to the entire region.
  • Promote the establishment of a connected modern infrastructure.
  • Bring the benefits of this new infrastructure directly to the region and its businesses.