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What is the FBBC?

The FBBC is a trinational consortium established in 2007 as an international business union of chambers and business associations from Denmark, Germany and Sweden, representing more than 400,000 companies through its members.

The chairman and vice chairman are elected every two years by the members. The council is the highest decision-making body of the FBBC, supported by a task force. Each member has one seat in both the council and task force. The FBBC has its office at the Lübeck Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Who are the members of the FBBC?

Where can I meet the FBBC?

What position does the FBBC have in regard to the fixed link?

The Fehmarnbelt fixed link is to strengthen the axis of growth between the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen/Malmö and Hamburg/Lübeck. To support this process, the Fehmarnbelt Business Council (FBBC) was established in Lübeck in 2007. It is only with the early involvement of the business community that the Fehmarnbelt fixed link will become a success from the very first day of opening. Since the establishment of the FBBC, its member organisations have been pursuing this common goal.

What is the current status of planning of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link?

The Danish–German infrastructure project includes both the tunnel between Lolland and Fehmarn as well as the necessary expansion of the connections for road and rail as well as sustainable solutions for the Fehmarnsund link.

A complete overview of the status of these projects can be found at: here → 

Information on the current status of planning of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel can be found at the Femern A/S website →

Live stream from Rødbyhavn from the tunnel construction site: Live Stream →

What are the advantages of the fixed link?

How can I participate in the construction work and/or become a supplier?

Femern A/S is the constructor of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel, which will be build from the two consortia Fehmarn Belt Contractors (FBC) and Femern Link Contrators (FLC).

Fehmarnbelt Contractors (FBC) is responsible for the maritime excavation work and land reclamation, whose contract became effective in November 2019. In January 2021, the contracts with Femern Link Contractors (FLC) were activated, who are responsible for the tunnel, portals and ramps.

All information can be found on the following websites:

Femern AS →

Fehmarn Belt Contractors (FBC):

Femern Link Contractors (FLC):

Furthermore, there are several networks within the region that support in establishing contacts to the consortia:

Femern Belt Development →
FB Suppliers →

(Source: Femern A/S)