FBBC press release on the first reading of the Fehmarnbelt Construction Act

FBBC welcomes the cross party support of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link in the danish parliament and sees opportunities in the time delays of the tunnel construction

“Another major milestone on the path towards a Fehmarnbelt fixed link is taken!” welcomes FBBC Chairman Nicholas Lange the current developments in Copenhagen. “I am very pleased that a broad political majority has reiterated its full support to this monumental project and that full political support across most parties is given.”

On 18 March 2015, the Danish parliament discussed in a first round the legislation draft for the construction and operation of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link with rail and road connection in Denmark. The Danish Minister of Transport Magnus Heunicke had handed in the draft at the end of February. The project met a positive response across the political parties.

The representatives of almost all parties (93% of the voting MPs) underlined that they support the act in order to realize the construction of the Fixed Link. Once the German plan approval process is completed, the Danish Parliament is therefore most likely to give its full support to the project.

“It is thus particularly important, to push forward the planning process’ on the German side in order to meet the tight schedules ” warns Lange.

Towards the recently by the Danish Transport Minister Magnus Heunicke published information that the tunnel would be delayed, Michael Svane, vice chairman of FBBC responded calmly “A longer construction is currently not harmful for two reasons. Firstly, the building processes can be done less parallel during a longer construction time and hence reduce the cost of the overall project. And secondly, the extension of the construction period fits better to the timetables on the German side. If the current plans in Germany are met, the time gap between the tunnel opening and upgrading of the hinterland connection in Germany can be reduced.”