Fehmarn Link Business Conference 2021

Save the date: on September 9, 2021, the Fehmarn Link Business Conference will take place in Rødbyhavn in Denmark.

Since the official construction start of the Fehmarn Belt connection in January 2021, the project has really taken shape and the dimensions of the project are now clearly visible in the water and on the construction site in Rødbyhavn. Many companies are already assigned to the project, but the activities around the project will continue to increase steadily in the coming years, and there are still plenty of tenders and tasks to bid for, for both Danish and foreign companies.

The Fehmarn Link Business Conference 2020 was postponed in March 2020 and later held as a virtual conference in December 2020, as COVID-19 regulations continued to prevent us from gathering. After the 2021 summer holidays, we are expecting to have been vaccinated and it is therefore our hope that we can gather once again for a physical conference with exhibition and network.

More information at: www.femern.info/b2b.