Fehmarnbelt Business Council with new Chairman – new FBBC office in Lübeck

During its yearly meeting the Council as the highest committee of the Fehmarnbelt Business Council elected a new Chairman in Copenhagen: Nicolaus Lange, CEO of Lübeck’s Merchants’ Association will for the coming two years lead the activities of the international consortium of business associations. At the same time former FBBC Vice Chairman Michael Svane, CEO of the Federation of Danish Transport and Director at the Confederation of Danish Industry was confirmed in his position.

Both of them underlined after their election that it was their aim to further strengthen the cross border cooperation of businesses, organizations and universities in the region including Northern Germany, Denmark and Southern Sweden.

Nicolaus Lange said: “That the regions between the metropolises Hamburg and Copenhagen/Malmö grow further together creates enormous development potentials that have to be supported and actively strengthened. Through the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link those developments will gain strong impulses. The FBBC and its member business organizations want to actively contribute that those chances are seen and used. This certainly also includes an intensive dialogue with politics.”

During the meeting the Council also emphasized that in the coming years a main focus is seen in supporting the persuasion work especially on the German side according to the FBBC aims. Therefore, it was decided that the FBBC office will in the future be situated in the premises of the Chamber of Commerce in Lübeck.