Fehmarnbelt fixed link – economic impulse for western Mecklenburg

When the construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel is finished in 2021 the metropolitan regions of Hamburg and Copenhagen/Malmö will be connected on the shortest possible way. In order to use the potentials of this new growth axis relevant tracks have to be laid already now. That is what Nicolaus Lange, Chairman of the Fehmarnbelt Business Council (FBBC) and Siegbert Eisenach, CEO of the IHK zu Schwerin, agreed upon.

The expected development impulses of a Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link were highlighted in an intensive discussion. Western Mecklenburg will as an interface between Copenhagen/Malmö on the one and the metropolis of Berlin on the other side gain great benefits as a logistics and production location.

Therefore, the relevant infrastructure on the German side has to be expanded promptly and comprising. This includes apart from the new train connection along the A1 also the expansion of the route between Lübeck and Bad Kleinen/Schwerin that has to be upgraded two-tracked and electrified with a new curve in Bad Kleinen. Apart from that the A20 around Hamburg with a crossing of the river Elbe has to be continued according to the FBBC, of which the IHK Schwerin is a member.

“For our business region we want to achieve more than just being a transit region. With the growths axis A14 we associate a substantial increase regarding the location quality in Western Mecklenburg.” said Siegbert Eisenach.

In order to further develop networks the FBBC is one of the organizers of the “Fehmarnbelt Days” that will take place in Copenhagen from 30 September till 02 October 2014. Those days are meant for idea and experience exchange, but also discussions on important topics on cross border cooperation and how to use the opportunities arising from this new growth region. Business and political relations as well as enhancing networks are core areas for future success stories.