Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum 2015

The second „Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum“ took place on November 2, 2015 in Copenhagen.

After 2014 in Hamburg, the forum took place again and provided a platform for business exchange between the business regions of the metropolitan areas of both cities. Entrepreneurs gained the opportunity to inform themselves about new developments in the metropolises and establish new business contacts. FBBC Chairman Nicolaus Lange represented the FBBC in a panel debate on the topic of “Building One Strong Region – How to Boost Business Between the Metropolitain Regions”.

Other topics were:

  • Energy I: Building the smart, green and livable city
  • Life Science: Public private partnerships as drivers of sustainable healthcare innovation and business value
  • Real Estate I: Real Estate Investments in Germany and Denmark
  • Energy II: A modern energy system for a smart, green and livable city
  • Tourism: Better together?
  • Logistics & IT: Moving smarter
  • Real Estate II: Offices in Copenhagen

Apart from that the majors of both metropolises, Frank Jensen and Olaf Scholz, outlined in a moderated dialog the future of cooperation between both regions.