The necessity of functioning Hinterland connections

FBBC demands for regional transport infrastructure

With the construction of the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel between Denmark and Germany, a huge barrier for exchange of persons and goods will be removed. The tunnel will effectively reduce transport time between the islands of Lolland and Fehmarn, between the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen and Hamburg, between the Scandinavian Peninsula and Central Europe.

A transport infrastructure that binds the metropolitan areas and growth centers together is essential for the creation of a North European Growth Region. Effective transport of persons and goods is furthermore a necessary condition for cultural and commercial exchanges, for wealth and welfare. The infrastructure of the Fixed Link is therefore a cornerstone in the vision of creating a North European Growth Region, encompassing more than just the immediate Fehmarnbelt region, but the whole of Denmark, Northern Germany and Southern/Western Sweden.

Whereas the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel in itself is vitally important, it cannot stand alone. The infrastructure in the catchment area of the fixed link must be modernized in accordance with needs to accommodate an uninterrupted flow of persons and goods.

The FBBC therefore calls upon the relevant public authorities in Germany, Denmark and Sweden to prioritize the hinterland infrastructure as well as the fixed link itself.